Project update 3: Kenyir forests are alive and about to be camera trapped!

Heads up folks! This is the first ever fieldwork update from the Kenyir Wildlife Corridor Project and we’re very excited to report that the Kenyir forests are alive and well!

We’ve just completed 4-km transects at more than 30 access points along the Kuala Berang highway. This highway cuts through three contiguous production forest reserves consisting mainly of lowland and hill dipterocarp forests. Our project site lies within a globally important Tiger Conservation Landscape, one of three priority areas according to the National Tiger Action Plan for Malaysia1, and is also identified as Primary Linkage 7 in the Central Forest Spine (CFS) Master Plan for Ecological Linkages2. So you can see why it’s important that we assess impacts of highway viaducts in this landscape.

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Photo update 1: Kenyir’s wildlife up close!

These are just some of the wildlife photos taken by researchers from the Kenyir Wildlife Corridor Project.  Hopefully, they’ll entice you to conduct research in Kenyir!

Featured photos:

Leopard spotted near the Kuala Berang Highway. © Rimba_William

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Project update 1: Rimba’s first research station operational

We would like to announce that Rimba’s first research station is now operational in the idyllic (and often wet) Basung Village in the Kuala Berang district of Terengganu (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1: View out of Rimba’s research station. © Rimba

Our first research station is fortunate to have a strategic location (Fig. 2)- 45 min from Kuala Terengganu, 1 hr from the beaches of Penarik, 20 min from the jetties at Gawi where boats ferry people to jungles of Kenyir Lake and the Tanjong Mentong entrance of Taman Negara, and 1.5 hrs from the Kuala Koh entrance of Taman Negara.

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