Project update 9 + video update 3: Some hairy business

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This camera-shy leopard is part of our latest project update courtesy of Laurie, our current volunteer who’ll be with us till February next year. Besides helping to hold the fort for Reuben’s project up in Gerik, Laurie’s  main mission is to test out the efficacy of hair traps in the Malaysian rainforest – something he’s started trialing since he joined us in September. This pilot project is part of our ongoing mammal surveys in Perak and Terengganu and was made possible through generous funding from the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund.

Laurie and Reuben have been conducting these trials for a new way to shed light on the status of one of the more rare and elusive species of carnivore. So far, Dholes or Asiatic Wild Dogs (Cuon alpinus) have been detected several times at both of these locations. Yet very little is known about this endangered animal, and in an environment notorious for its difficulty to detect species at low density, the challenges in monitoring them are substantial. If hair samples could be collected from these, or other carnivores, they will put together a larger proposal to study their population/density/range size, group association, genetic relationships.

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Photo update 8: Personal grooming

Hey Rimba followers, it’s been awhile…what did we say about February being hectic??? That continued all through March, as the Kenyir Wildlife Corridor Project wrapped up its field sampling in Terengganu and prepared to start on their next sampling site, in Perak. So the old research station in Kampung Basung has been packed up and a new field house was found in Gerik…hopefully a new Project Update will be coming out soon with more info!

In between, we’ve had a lot of delays due to some intensive travelling and Reuben‘s nasty brush with scrub typhus! So the updates have been a little slow in coming…and we ask that you bear with us while we sort out our latest operations.

In the meantime, to make sure you don’t forget us just yet, here’s another ‘video’ we produced by stitching together multiple camera-trap shots. It features one of the prettier denizens of the jungle – the Golden Cat (Pardofelis temminckii). It’s a fairly easy species to catch on camera-trap, but this was the first time we saw one sitting right in front of the camera, happily grooming itself without a care in the world, just like a house cat – which is why we simply couldn’t resist showing you this charming video!

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Photo update 6: Kinship in Kenyir

Here’s a photo update devoted to kinship in the Kenyir Wildlife Corridor. There’s no better way to start off our tribute than our first photocapture of dhole (Asiatic wild dog) in our project site. These amazing creatures remind us that we should all take some time off to bring that special someone for a walk in the woods…

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