**Due to financial limitations we have ceased operations as of end-2022**

We are a group of scientists who conduct conservation research to produce evidence-based management recommendations that will help decision-makers mitigate threats to biodiversity in Peninsular Malaysia – because we need a jungle out there!

Leopard_Rimba_Reuben Clements
The choice of the leopard (Panthera pardus) as our mascot is symbolic as it was the first mammal species sighted near our research station. © Rimba

We aim to function as the bridge linking conservation science and conservation practice. Therefore, we take that extra step to proactively bring our results to practitioners and policymakers, in order to ensure that our research feeds directly into practice, informing and guiding conservation action on the ground. At the same time we also play a direct role as conservation practitioners implementing the necessary conservation efforts identified by our research. This sets us apart from academic institutions and conventional NGOs.

Whenever possible, we also make it a point to work on less popular species and habitats – the uncharismatic ecosystems that slip through the cracks and get little attention.