Project update 1: Rimba’s first research station operational

We would like to announce that Rimba’s first research station is now operational in the idyllic (and often wet) Basung Village in the Kuala Berang district of Terengganu (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1: View out of Rimba’s research station. © Rimba

Our first research station is fortunate to have a strategic location (Fig. 2)- 45 min from Kuala Terengganu, 1 hr from the beaches of Penarik, 20 min from the jetties at Gawi where boats ferry people to jungles of Kenyir Lake and the Tanjong Mentong entrance of Taman Negara, and 1.5 hrs from the Kuala Koh entrance of Taman Negara.

Fig. 2. Location of Rimba research station in relation to other landmarks. Source: Google Earth

Most importantly, our research station is just 25 min from the forest reserves along Kuala Berang highway, an important wildlife corridor known as primary linkage 7 in the Central Forest Spine Master Plan for Ecological Linkages. The forests along our project site have been selectively logged decades ago, but the canopy of most parts are still relatively intact (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3. Looking skywards at the canopy from one of the trails. © Rimba

Currently, our research station houses members of the Kenyir Wildlife Corridor Project (previously known as Project Alpha) and we are willing to put up friends and scientists (especially those with a wide repertoire of culinary skills) who want to conduct research in Tasik Kenyir and Taman Negara over the next two years and beyond. Special thanks go out to the Lau Family for their hospitality and kindness for leasing their house.

Rimba’s full-time researchers with the Kenyir Wildlife Corridor Project (from left to right): Paul, Acik, Reuben and William. © Rimba

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