Project update 8: Two Wildlife Corridor Projects!

Hi Rimba friends, the Kenyir Wildlife Corridor Project finally has a new update to share with you!

What have we been up to? Well for a start, we’ve found ourselves a new research station in the town of Gerik (Perak). Why do we need one there? This is because Reuben and Ahimsa are teaming up to start a new project in another wildlife corridor, near the town. Many thanks to Steven for getting the field house operational – it was quite difficult because the entire town of Gerik had no water supply for a week due to a landslide that took out a water treatment plant! But things are almost back to normal and the field station is 95% operational.

Our ‘other’ field house in Taman Gerik
Jet, the official field house cat and Rimba’s unofficial mascot
Jet is very possessive when it comes to our computer keyboards








Sheema has been helping the team catalogue more than 130,000 camera-trap photos from Kenyir into a software known as Camera Base. Although the cataloguing is far from over, we can tell you at least 32 mammal species have been camera-trapped so far – this is similar to the number of mammals recorded from camera-trap surveys in Malaysia’s largest protected area, Taman Negara. And this corridor is only 1% of Taman Negara’s size!

So is this the end of our work in Kenyir?  Continue reading


Project update 7: MEME Updates, Issue #4

Ahimsa writes: “While half of our team are in the field preparing to collar a bull from Kelantan, here is the new issue of MEME Updates. Catch up with MEME’s new members and recent activities!”

Please note: MEME Updates now has a new online home where each new issue will be uploaded when it comes out. Due to this reason, we will no longer be uploading newer versions of the Updates onto the Rimba website. MEME now also have their own separate website and Facebook page. Please do check out those links if you’d like to find out more about them or also if you’re just interested in Asian elephants!