Project update 5: MEME Updates, Issue #2

MEME updates are back, in yet another luscious issue, covering activities and news from September to November. Some exciting things are in store…including a chance for you to get involved! Interested in embarking on conservation research to save elephants?? Click on the image below and read on!

MEME Updates #2

Why our research is important: Massive coverage by The Star!

Hi folks! Our latest media coverage comes to you courtesy of Natalie Heng from The Star. We were pleasantly surprised to find that she’s written not one, but two different articles on Rimba and our work. The first one, ‘Hooking up for science’, talks about what Rimba is all about – what we are, why we were set up, and how we function. The second, ‘The viability of animal crossings in Malaysia’, puts the spotlight on the Kenyir Wildlife Corridor Project, and is a very well-written, excellently researched piece on the issues surrounding roads and how they affect wildlife movement. It helps to explain why the work that’s being done by Reuben and Ahimsa is so important.

Big thanks to Natalie and The Star!!!