Rimba comments on the fate of limestone karsts in Pahang

Ever wonder what can happen to majestic limestone karsts like these in Malaysia?

Pristine limestone karsts, Bau, Sarawak. ©Rimba/Reuben

Good Times recently featured a story on the sad fate of the Panching limestone karsts in Pahang, Malaysia, and Rimba reseachers Reuben and Liew gave their two cents worth. You can read the article here.

Most of these karsts were formed millions of years ago and are now home to many endemic plants and animals. This review paper will tell just how special and imperiled these ecosystems are.

As our mission statement says, Rimba is not against economic pursuits such as limestone quarrying, but certain groups of karsts that have been isolated for millions of years should be spared from quarrying as they are likely to support many biologically unique organisms. Here’s another paper that talks about the factors that should be considered when companies are deciding on which karsts to quarry. It’s time to use science to make smart decisions and avoid losing very special organisms that the world  will never see again.

Publication update 1: Is sustainable use of Malaysia’s cloud forests possible?

Here’s a recent article co-authored by one of Rimba’s members, Reuben, in the journal BioScience. Cloud forests are home to numerous endemic species in Malaysia, but it remains a severely understudied ecosystem. This review summarizes the issues and challenges related to cloud forest conservation in Malaysia. Find out more about what needs to be done to save this imperiled ecosystem by getting a copy of this paper here.