Publication update 25: Bane or Blessing? Reviewing Cultural Values of Bats across the Asia-Pacific Region

Our inaugural publication from Phase 2 of Project Pteropus has been published by the Society of Ethnobiology! Led by Mary-Ruth as first author and Sheema as senior author, this literature review was a regional collaboration involving 13 co-authors from 9 countries across the Asia-Pacific, including Malaysia (Peninsular and Sarawak), China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Samoa. It’s fully open-access, which means you can both read it online or download the PDF, completely for free:
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Bat Week 2020: Bingka tie-up

Here’s your chance to invite some lucky bats and durian into your home! Did you know that bats are auspicious symbols in Chinese and Chinese-influenced cultures? Asia-Pacific peoples have traditionally celebrated bats for the amazing animals they really are!

Celebrate Bat Week with Bingka and Project Pteropus! For a limited time only, Bingka KL is offering a 10% discount (minimum purchase RM50) off all items from their beautiful Peranakan range which features, you guessed it, lucky bats and durian flowers! Their Peranakan range includes items such as coasters, tea towels, pouches, bags, and placemats!

Those of us in the Klang Valley and Sabah may be under CMCO, but you can still celebrate with us: stay home, #supportlokal and invite these lucky bats into your home! Use the promo code BINGKARIMBA10 when you checkout. Offer ends after 31 October 2020!

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Bat Week 2020: A Celebration of Bats in Asia-Pacific Cultures

Contrary to today’s Western-influenced perceptions of bats being scary or spooky, research by Project Pteropus has uncovered a treasure trove of positive bat symbolism in numerous cultures across the Asia-Pacific region! In this part of the world, our ancestors traditionally revered and celebrated bats, recognising how amazing and inspirational these animals really are.

We really wanted to find a way to highlight and share the multitude of positive beliefs around bats that we found in the many cultures within the region. The result is this stunning map by Malaysian artist Reimena Yee.

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