Bats have had a tough time this year! Misplaced fears due to speculations and inaccurate assumptions about the pandemic have badly impacted these incredible creatures — they’re being wrongly blamed, with some people calling for their eradication or removal.

Now, more than ever, we need your support and help to counter the negativity by spreading the good word about how amazing bats truly are, and the important, essential roles they play in keeping ecosystems – and us! – healthy.

Spread the word and stand a chance to win official Project Pteropus merch such as a t-shirt, tote bag, pin, stickers and posters, by taking ALL of these three simple steps:

1. Follow @rimbaresearch on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter
2. Share any one of our Bat Week 2020 (24-31 Oct) posts and tag 3 friends (you can encourage them to do the same!)
3. Include the hashtags #BatWeek #ProjectPteropus #Rimba

10 lucky winners will be picked at random after 31 October! And the more different posts you share, the more you increase your chances! However, due to the pandemic this giveaway is limited to Malaysian addresses only because overseas shipping is not currently available, so sorry! Do expect a delay in delivery, as we are currently experiencing a partial lockdown 😅😭😥

Pteropus vampyrus photos by Sanjitpaal Singh of Jitspics

Facebook: @jitspicswildlifephotographer
Instagram: @jitspics
Twitter: @sanjitpaalsingh


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