Photo update 9: Just how important is the Kenyir Wildlife Corridor?

Between 1999 and 2001, Dr Kae Kawanishi recorded 40  mammal species (including humans) on camera traps during her surveys  in Peninsular Malaysia’s largest protected area in Taman Negara.

It’s now 2012. So far, researchers in Rimba have recorded at least 38 mammal species on camera traps in the Kenyir Wildlife Corridor (~170 sq km), which is around 4% of Taman Negara’s size!  Of the total species count (from camera traps, sightings and tracks), 6 are ‘endangered’ and 9 are ‘vulnerable’ according to the IUCN Red List.

The selectively logged forests within this corridor are vital habitats for Malaysia’s threatened mammals. However, many of them, such as Rimba’s mascot below, face an uncertain future in Kenyir.

Habitat loss (for dam construction and eco-tourism infrastructure) and poaching currently threaten the Kenyir Wildlife Corridor.  This is the only area in Terengganu  where mammals and other wildlife can still cross from Taman Negara towards the forests in Hulu Terengganu. We hope the Terengganu State Government will spare important areas of the Kenyir Wildlife Corridor from further development, and gazette it as Malaysia’s first official Wildlife Corridor!

We now have the latest list of mammal species in Kenyir, as well as recent camera trap photos that depict the five endangered species, their threats, and the signs of hope for Kenyir.

No. Species Common name IUCN  status
1 Arctictis binturong Binturong Vulnerable
2 Arctogalidia trivirgata Small-toothed Palm Civet Least Concern
3 Atherurus macrourus Brush-tailed Porcupine Least Concern
4 Callosciurus prevostii Prevost’s Squirrel Least Concern
5 Capricornis sumatraensis Serow Vulnerable
6 Cuon alpinus Dhole Endangered
7 Echinosorex gymnura Moonrat Least Concern
8 Elephas maximus Asian Elephant Endangered
9 Helarctos malayanus Sun Bear Vulnerable
10 Hemigalus derbyanus Banded Palm Civet Vulnerable
11 Herpestes urva Crab-eating Mongoose Least Concern
12 Hystrix brachyura Malayan Porcupine Least Concern
13 Lariscus insignis Three-striped Ground Squirrel Least Concern
14 Macaca fascicularis Long-tailed Macaque Least Concern
15 Macaca nemestrina Pig-tailed Macaque Vulnerable
16 Manis javanica Sunda Pangolin Endangered
17 Martes flavigula Yellow-throated Marten Least Concern
18 Muntiacus muntjak Barking Deer Least Concern
19 Neofelis nebulosa Clouded Leopard Vulnerable
20 Panthera pardus Leopard Near Threatened
21 Panthera tigris jacksoni Malayan Tiger Endangered
22 Paradoxurus hermaphroditus Common Palm Civet Least Concern
23 Pardofelis marmorata Marbled Cat Vulnerable
24 Pardofelis temminckii Golden Cat Near Threatened
25 Presbytis siamensis White-thighed Leaf Monkey Near Threatened
26 Prionailurus bengalensis Leopard Cat Least Concern
27 Prionodon linsang Banded Linsang Least Concern
28 Rattus spp. Rats NA
29 Rhizomys sumatrensis Bamboo Rat Least Concern
30 Rusa unicolor Sambar Deer Vulnerable
31 Sus scrofa Wild Pig Least Concern
32 Tapirus indicus Asian Tapir Endangered
33 Trachypithecus obscurus Dusky Leaf Monkey Near Threatened
34 Tragulus spp. Mouse Deers NA
35 Tupaia spp. Treeshrews NA
36 Viverra tangalunga Malay Civet Least Concern
37 Viverra zibetha Large Indian Civet Near Threatened
* Two other threatened species detected from sightings and tracks respectively are the ‘Endangered’ White-handed Gibbon (Hylobates lar) and ‘Vulnerable’ Gaur (Bos gaurus).

 The endangered 6

Their threats

And signs of hope  for Kenyir



4 thoughts on “Photo update 9: Just how important is the Kenyir Wildlife Corridor?

  1. Thank you Colin for your comment. We appreciate your sincerity. Do you know if the proposed Puah Dam will go through?

  2. i live and work here (on the dam). i am therefore part of the problem. every day i drive to tembat from kenjir. the forrest is awesome. it is beyond price. everyday i feel sick to my stomach when i see the logging trucks. it is a rape sanctioned by the state.

  3. I wish that on one very lucky day, a sumatran rhino will appear on the camera-trap.. too far-fetched?

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