Video update 2: Empty nest syndrome

It’s happened!

The baby hornbills have finally grown up enough to leave home. That didn’t take long!

Anuar wrote to us yesterday with the following exciting update:

“The last few days of activity began with the opening of the front nest sealing, sometime between 4 and 5:30pm, May 24. The female exited the nest at 5:40pm and left the area. The two young birds remained inside. Food was still brought by the male, but less of it and less frequently. The male often presented food, but would not pass it to the birds inside. The male brought clumps of dirt that were passed to the nest, the birds inside breaking up the dirt and letting it drop at the front of the nest.

The first young bird to leave the nest did so around 6pm, May 24. This was not captured, but video prior to this time shows two active young, and all video after this time shows only 1 young inside. The second young bird left at 9:01am May 27, and remained near the nesting jar for 6 minutes before wandering off to the left.

The male visited the nest 3 hours after that with food, only to find an empty nest.”

Awww! We feel very fortunate indeed to have caught this occurrence on video. It’s an unbelievably wondrous spectacle – great job Anuar! Check out the video he sent us:


3 thoughts on “Video update 2: Empty nest syndrome

  1. Was happy to tell Anuar of the flock of 8 hornbills that dropped by for a snack in the “buah kriang” tree in my garden at about 6.00 pm today. Hope they’ll be back again tomorrow!

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