Rimba featured in NST R&D supplement!

Rimba was featured in the New Straits Times on 5 June 2011! Journalist Najua Ismail was kind enough to dedicate an entire page to us in the Research & Development supplement last Sunday, providing coverage on the Kenyir Wildlife Corridor Project. Click on the image below to download and read the pdf version!

NST article

Photo update 1: Kenyir’s wildlife up close!

These are just some of the wildlife photos taken by researchers from the Kenyir Wildlife Corridor Project.  Hopefully, they’ll entice you to conduct research in Kenyir!

Featured photos:

Leopard spotted near the Kuala Berang Highway. © Rimba_William

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Toolbox update 1: Uploading custom maps to Garmin GPS

Have you been frustrated trying to find out how to upload a custom map (e.g. with grid cells and topo maps) to your Garmin GPS? We have. There are always conflicting instructions on the internet and there’s no one website which explains the steps clearly. We’ve decided enough is enough!

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