Project update 14: Final report from Project Black Cloud

laurie_leopard The final trek is over, all of our cameras are in and the fieldwork for Project Black Cloud has, at last, come to a close. And it was just in time too! During December 2013, the floods that swept the east coast of the peninsula arrived in Kenyir, submerging the area under our house. In the forest, what had previously been innocent-looking streams rapidly turned into swollen rivers. The team managed to safely negotiate these, but sometimes needed the help of rattan ropes strung across the river. This one-year project in its current form comes to an official end as Laurie puts the finishing touches to his Master’s thesis – but fear not, we’re not done with Kenyir just yet. Continue reading


Project update 12: All creatures great and small

Since the last update, things have been steadily progressing with the Black Cloud team in Kenyir. After a month’s rest since the first round of data retrieval, we have been visiting the cameras again, making the journey in a record total of just 3 weeks this time. The trails are more familiar and we’ve managed to work out new routes so things have been running smoothly!

A curious clouded leopard
A curious clouded leopard. © Laurie Hedges / Rimba

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Project update 11: First data retrieval for Project Black Cloud

Things have been a bit quiet here on the home front as Reuben has been frantically wrapping up his PhD, and Laurie has been knee-deep (sometimes literally!) in camera-trapping. But finally,  after quite a bit of a lull, we now have a new project update to share with you! Laurie reports from the field.

© Laurie Hedges / Rimba
© Laurie Hedges / Rimba

After trekking through the forests of Kenyir for the past month, all the camera traps have finally been visited, and the photos they have been quietly collecting for the past two months have been viewed in the first data retrieval for Project ‘Black Cloud’. The results could not have been more positive!

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