Publication update 18: Bats in the Anthropocene

Chapter 13

If you’d like to learn more about bats, don’t miss out on downloading this brand new, open-access book on bat conservation edited by Tigga Kingston and Christian Voigt‘Bats in the Anthropocene: conservation of bats in a changing world’. Thanks to partial funding from SEABCRU, this online book is completely free to download, either in whole or as separate chapters.

Sheema and her SEABCRU colleagues have written an extensive literature review on the issue of conflict between Old World fruit bats (or rather, pteropodids, which also includes nectar-feeding bats) and fruit growers, which has been published as Chapter 13 in the book. To download the chapter individually, click on the image above. If you’d like to download the entire book (18 chapters in total), click on the image below:

Bats in the Anthropocene


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