Photo update 3: My first, but definitely not the last, time to Kuala Terengganu

This time around, we’re happy to feature an extra-special update for you…one of our newest volunteers, Miss Chan Xiu Li, made a trip aaall the way from Singapore to visit the Rimba research station in Kampung Basung, Terengganu. She’s documented her experience and impressions in the form of a photo-essay. We thought Xiu Li’s photos were so compelling, they had to be put up on our website! Read on to find out about Xiu Li’s volunteer experience!

(All photos copyrighted to Chan Xiu Li. Words on the photos are quotes taken from Alphabeat’s ‘Into The Jungle’).

Instead of the usual listless crowd overshadowed by domineering skyscrapers, I was surrounded by an endless expanse of living trees.


During these few days, both Paul and Reuben highlighted various efforts to conserve rhinos, elephants and tigers (RET) species in Malaysia. William briefly introduced the basics of GIS and remote sensing before Reuben summarised his immense project impressively. The five guardians of Kenyir gave a couple of detailed presentations at the field house.

Besides sorting out photographs from camera traps (at a snail’s pace), I had a tour of the viaducts and Lake Kenyir before visiting the elephant sanctuary.

The legendary viaduct of the Kenyir Wildlife Corridor Project.
A snippet of Tasik Kenyir.
Suria at Santuari Gajah Sungai Ketiar.

This short stay left me thinking about my future involvement in wildlife conservation, which promises to be a challenging yet rewarding path.

I heard the unmistakable calls of the wild and it is one that I must answer, like how everyone answers nature’s call.
Will the word ‘jungle’ ceast to exist in dictionaries one day?
Goodbye; the start of my long journey begins.

Yep, willing to help out in future!


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