Publication update 2: Megafauna and their megagardening work!

More publications for your reading pleasure! Here are two new articles by one of Rimba’s researchers, Ahimsa, on the importance of Asian megafauna. The first paper, ‘Megagardeners of the forest’, is being published in the journal Acta Oecologica, and reviews the important role that elephants play as ecosystem engineers shaping plant communities. The second one, ‘Big animals in a shrinking world’, was published in the Singaporean magazine Innovation, and also looks at the situation of other large herbivores. Ahimsa’s work is very important for our part of the world, because these big beasts of tropical Asia have a huge influence on the structure and composition of our precious dipterocarp forests, yet we still don’t understand the complete picture – and we’re losing our forests fast! Click on the images to read up more on Asia’s important megafauna:


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