Principal Investigator: Tajang Jinggut

Collaborators: Reuben, SriSheema, Mary-Ruth, World Bank, Terengganu State Government

Hutanomics 1Economics can be a practical solution to steer conservation policies towards better decision-making. It is possible to reduce deforestation, and promote conservation while increasing productivity by financially evaluating the benefits of biodiversity, and the costs of species loss and ecosystem degradation. Placing an economic value on ecosystem services and biodiversity can help stakeholders consider their decisions, and aid in the argument to pursue conservation and sustainable development.

Hutanomics aims to develop these ideas, building on existing knowledge and establishing networks with government, private sector and academia to carry out scientific and economic research to support the development of biofinancing solutions for forest and biodiversity conservation. The goal of the project is:

“Developing biofinancing solutions through scientific and economic research for the conservation of threatened species and ecosystems”

Hutanomics 2